International school 

Fundamentals and Applications of Network Science

We have taken the advantage of having together the best scientists working on Network Science and organized a two-days School on Fundamentals and Applications of Network Science. The school will be held at the Conference location one day before its beginning, i.e. 5th - 6th August. The program of the School will be included here soon, meanwhile, we can announce that lecturers will be:

Alex Arenas


Universidad Rovira i Virili

Tarragona, Spain

Ernesto Estrada


University of Strathclyde

Glasgow, UK

Javier M. Buldú


U. Rey Juan Carlos

Madrid, Spain

Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes

Associate Professor

Universidad de Zaragoza

Zaragoza, Spain

Felipe Montes

Assistant Professor

Universidad de los Andes

Bogotá, Colombia

Johann H. Martínez


 ICM-Sorbonne Université

Paris, France

José David Meissel

Associate Professor

Universidad de Ibagué

Ibagué, Colombia

School Program